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implementation the act, process, or way of carrying (something) out or putting (something) into effect.
implicate to involve or prove involvement of (someone or something) in an affair, situation, event, or series of events.
implication the act of stating something indirectly; act of implying. [4 definitions]
implicit implied rather than directly stated. [3 definitions]
implied involved or suggested by implication rather than declaration; tacit; implicit.
implode to violently collapse or compress inward.
implore to beg urgently of (someone) or for (something); beseech. [2 definitions]
imply to say indirectly; suggest. [2 definitions]
impolite not polite; rude.
impolitic not showing good sense or judgment; unwise or injudicious.
imponderable unable to be evaluated or calculated accurately. [2 definitions]
import to bring in from an outside origin, esp. to bring in (merchandise) from a foreign country. [7 definitions]
importable combined form of import.
importance the state of being important; significance or consequence. [2 definitions]
important having relatively great significance or value. [4 definitions]
importantly a word used to emphasize the importance of what is being said.
importation the act or business of bringing in foreign goods. [2 definitions]
importunate urgent or stubbornly persistent in making a demand or request.
importune to pester with insistent demands or requests. [3 definitions]
importunity the quality or condition of being persistently demanding. [2 definitions]
impose to institute or establish as something to be fulfilled or borne. [3 definitions]