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improper fraction a fraction in which the denominator is smaller than the numerator.
impropriety the character or state of being incorrect, unsuitable, or indecent. [2 definitions]
improve to increase the quality or condition of; make better. [3 definitions]
improved made better; of a higher quality.
improvement the act of improving or the state of being improved. [3 definitions]
improvident not providing for future needs; careless; wasteful.
improvisation the act of improvising, or something that has been improvised, esp. in music.
improvisational composed at the time of performance.
improvise to create or provide without preparation or practice, esp. in music, speech, or writing. [4 definitions]
imprudent marked by a lack of awareness or concern for the consequences of one's acts; rash; unwise.
impudence the act or condition of being impudent; insolence. [2 definitions]
impudent tending to cause anger or irritation in others by bold disrespect.
impugn to call into question; challenge or try to discredit.
impugnable combined form of impugn.
impulse a spontaneous or sudden desire that may move one to action. [5 definitions]
impulsion the act of impelling or the state of being impelled. [3 definitions]
impulsive motivated by spontaneous wishes and needs rather than careful thought. [3 definitions]
impunity exemption or immunity from harm, esp. punishment or retribution, as a result of one's actions or words.
impure mixed with or contaminated by other things, esp. of inferior quality; adulterated or polluted. [3 definitions]
impurity the state or condition of being impure. [2 definitions]
imputation attribution to a source or cause. [2 definitions]