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inclusive including everything, or a large amount; comprehensive. [2 definitions]
incognito in disguise; under a false identity. [4 definitions]
incognizable combined form of cognizable.
incognizant combined form of cognizant
incoherence the state or quality of being incoherent. [2 definitions]
incoherency incoherence.
incoherent lacking logical order or connection. [2 definitions]
incohesion combined form of cohesion
incohesive combined form of cohesive.
in cold blood with calculated malice.
incombustible not capable of being burned. [2 definitions]
income the money derived from work or investments.
income tax a tax on personal and corporate income.
incoming about to arrive or having just arrived. [4 definitions]
incommensurable lacking a common standard of measurement or comparison.
incommensurate not fitting, adequate, or proportionate. [2 definitions]
incommode to inconvenience or disturb.
incommodious uncomfortable or inconvenient, esp. by not affording enough room or space.
incommodity that which is inconvenient.
in common shared in ownership or use.
incommunicable incapable of being communicated.