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India paper a thin opaque paper made in Asia and used for books and engravings. [2 definitions]
India rubber (sometimes l.c.) a crude natural rubber. [2 definitions]
Indic of or pertaining to India; Indian. [2 definitions]
indicate to show or point out. [3 definitions]
indication anything that indicates, such as a sign. [3 definitions]
indicative suggesting; indicating (usu. fol. by of). [2 definitions]
indicator a person or object that indicates. [3 definitions]
indices a pl. of index.
indicia a characteristic mark or indication. [2 definitions]
indict to bring a formal charge against, as by the findings of a grand jury. [2 definitions]
indictable combined form of indict.
indictment the act of indicting, or the condition of being indicted. [3 definitions]
Indies see East Indies, West Indies. [2 definitions]
indifference lack of interest, esp. when interest is called for, expected, or hoped for. [2 definitions]
indifferent lacking interest or concern; not caring. [4 definitions]
indigence lack of means to live; poverty.
indigenous having origin in a country or locality; native (usu. fol. by to).
indigent without financial means to live; needy; poor. [2 definitions]
indigestible impossible or not easy to digest or absorb.
indigestion inability to digest, or difficulty in digesting food. [2 definitions]
indignant feeling or showing anger in response to something considered unjust or unworthy.