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industrial revolution (often cap.) a complex of economic and social changes caused by the shift of production from hand or physical labor at home or in small workshops to mechanized systems in large factories, as in the weaving of textiles, esp. in England in the eighteenth century.
industrial union a labor union that represents the workers in an entire industry rather than only those engaged in one craft or a related group of crafts.
industrious actively productive; hard-working.
industry the activity or process of turning raw materials into finished goods, or a particular business that does this. [3 definitions]
in Dutch (informal) in trouble or disfavor.
indu'th (poetic, archaic) endows (contracted form of "endueth").
indwell to dwell or exist within (a person, nature, or other entity) as a motivating force or principle. [2 definitions]
-ine1 of or relating to. [2 definitions]
-ine2 used in the names of chemical elements and compounds and other substances. [2 definitions]
inebriate to intoxicate with alcohol; make drunk. [4 definitions]
inebriety the condition of being inebriated; drunkenness.
inedible not suitable or safe to be eaten.
ineducable incapable of being educated or trained, usu. because of some mental handicap.
ineffable beyond description; inexpressible.
ineffaceable impossible to remove or obliterate; indelible.
in effect virtually. [2 definitions]
ineffective having little or no effect; not having the desired or intended effect. [2 definitions]
ineffectual not producing an intended effect. [2 definitions]
inefficacious unable to produce the desired result; useless; ineffective.
inefficacy incapacity for producing the desired result; ineffectiveness.
inefficiency the state or quality of being inefficient. [2 definitions]