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interindustry combined form of industry.
interinstitutional combined form of institutional.
interior being inside or within. [7 definitions]
interior angle any of the angles formed by a line that intersects two parallel lines. [2 definitions]
interior decoration the decorating and furnishing of home and office interiors, esp. as a business or profession.
interior design the act, art, or business of designing the interiors of homes and offices, often including interior decoration.
interiorize to absorb (a value, idea, or the like), understand completely, and make one's own.
interior monologue in literature, material that expresses a character's inner thoughts, often presented in stream-of-consciousness narrative.
interisland combined form of island.
interj. abbreviation of "interjection."
interject to interpose (a remark or comment) between words or remarks or in the middle of a conversation or discussion.
interjection the act of putting in or between, or of interposing. [3 definitions]
interlace to cross over and under as if laced together; intertwine; interweave.
interlard to insert in various places; intersperse with; mix in (usu. fol. by with).
interlay to lay or place between or among.
interlayer combined form of layer.
interleaf an additional leaf or page, usu. blank, that is bound between other pages of a book, often for a reader to make notes on.
interleave to insert or bind an interleaf or interleaves in.
interlibrary combined form of library.
interline1 to write, print, or insert between the lines of (a text, document, or the like); interlineate.
interline2 to provide with an interlining.