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introduce to present (a person) to one or more people. [6 definitions]
introduction the act or process of introducing. [5 definitions]
introductory serving to introduce.
introit the beginning of the Roman Catholic mass, consisting of a psalm or hymn, and antiphon. [2 definitions]
intromit to allow, cause, or assist to enter; introduce; admit.
introrse in botany, facing inward; turned toward the center. (Cf. extrorse.)
introspect to examine or consider one's own thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
introspection examination of one's own thoughts, emotions, and sensations; self-scrutiny.
introspective looking inward and examining one's own thoughts or feelings, or tending to do so.
introversion the tendency to pay more attention to oneself than to others or the external world. (Cf. extraversion.)
introvert someone who tends to pay more attention to his or her own thoughts and feelings than to other people or subjects. (Cf. extrovert.) [4 definitions]
intrude to enter or thrust oneself in when not invited or welcomed. [2 definitions]
intrusion the act of intruding, or the state of being intruded upon. [2 definitions]
intrusive bothersome and unwelcome; intruding or apt to intrude.
intrust variant of entrust.
in truth in fact; actually.
intuit to know or apprehend directly, without a process of logical thought.
intuitable combined form of intuit.
intuition the power of knowing or apprehending something directly, without learning it consciously or submitting it to processes of logic. [3 definitions]
intuitive of or pertaining to intuition. [3 definitions]
Inuit a member of a group of native people of North America that inhabit areas from Greenland and eastern Canada to Alaska. [3 definitions]