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jabot a decorative ruffle on the front of a blouse or shirt that hangs down from the neck, formerly worn by men and now worn mostly by women.
jacal a hut made of closely set wooden stakes that is plastered with mud and roofed with straw or rushes, found in Mexico and the southwestern United States.
jacamar an exotic tropical American bird having iridescent green plumage and a long bill.
jacaranda any of several tropical American trees of the bignonia family, with compound leaves and clusters of pale purple flowers. [2 definitions]
jacinth a reddish orange zircon or similar mineral, used as a gemstone. [2 definitions]
jack any of a number of devices used to lift all or a part of a heavy object a short distance, as by leverage or hydraulic pressure. [8 definitions]
jack- male; man. [2 definitions]
jackal any of a number of wild Asian and African dogs, closely related to the wolf, that are esp. known for scavenging and for attacking small or weakened prey. [2 definitions]
jackanapes an arrogant, insolent young man.
jackass a male donkey or ass. [2 definitions]
jackboot a sturdy leather boot extending above the knee, used by the military, police, and the like. [2 definitions]
jackbooted marked by bullying brutality, as police or military tactics against civilians.
jackdaw a shiny black bird originating in Europe and related to the crow.
jacket a short coat that extends to the waist or hip, used as an outer garment or as part of a suit. [3 definitions]
jacketless combined form of jacket.
Jack Frost the personification of frost or cold weather.
jackhammer a hand-held device powered by compressed air, used to drill rock, cement, or the like; pneumatic drill.
Jackie Robinson born Jack Roosevelt Robinson, U.S. professional baseball player who in 1947 became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball(b.1919--d.1972).
jack-in-the-box a toy consisting of a box from which a puppet springs up when the lid is opened.
jack-in-the-pulpit a North American wildflower having a single vertical spike with a green and purple sheath that forms a hood over its top.
Jack Jefferies U.S. three-time world champion formation skydiver (b.1966).