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lacrosse a field game played by two teams of ten players each who use a long-handled stick with a net pouch on one end to carry or throw a ball into the opponent's goal.
lactase an enzyme that breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose, and is found in certain yeasts and the intestines of animals.
lactate1 to produce or secrete milk.
lactate2 any ester or salt of lactic acid.
lactation the act or process of producing or secreting milk. [2 definitions]
lacteal made of, pertaining to, or resembling milk. [3 definitions]
lactescent milky, or becoming milky. [3 definitions]
lactic of, obtained from, or pertaining to milk.
lactic acid a yellowish or colorless organic acid produced from sucrose or lactose, as through the souring of milk or in the body as a result of vigorous exercise, and used in medicine and dyeing or as a flavoring or preservative in foods.
lacto- milk. [2 definitions]
lactobacillus any of various aerobic bacilli that produce lactic acid in the fermentation of carbohydrates.
lactone any of a group of organic esters derived from hydroxy acids.
lactose a carbohydrate found in milk that breaks down into glucose and galactose. [2 definitions]
lacuna a gap or omitted part. [2 definitions]
lacy of or similar to lace; lacelike.
lad a boy or young man. [2 definitions]
ladder a pair of upright supports connected by cross bars or rungs, used for climbing. [2 definitions]
ladder-back chair a chair having a back formed of horizontal slats between two uprights, resembling a ladder.
lade to load with cargo. [6 definitions]
laden loaded with a great burden; weighted. [3 definitions]
la-di-da an expression of derision at affectation or pretentiousness. [3 definitions]