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laicism secular or nonclerical control of social or political institutions.
laicize to remove religious influence or control from; secularize. [2 definitions]
laid past tense and past participle of lay1.
laid-back (informal) relaxed, unhurried, or casual.
laid paper paper that is watermarked with evenly spaced parallel lines.
lain past participle of lie2.
lair a wild animal's shelter; den. [2 definitions]
laird someone, esp. a wealthy person, who owns land or an estate in Scotland.
laissez faire an economic policy or doctrine that opposes government interference in or regulation of business or commerce beyond what is necessary for a free-enterprise system to regulate itself. [2 definitions]
laissez-passer allow to pass (French); a permit or pass, esp. one used in place of a passport.
laity the body of lay members of a religious group, as distinct from the clergy. [2 definitions]
lake a large, standing body of fresh or salt water that is surrounded on all sides by land.
Lake Baikal a freshwater lake, the deepest and most voluminous in the world, located in the Asian part of Russia.
lake dwelling a dwelling, esp. in prehistoric times, built on wooden piles in a shallow part of a lake or marsh.
lake herring a freshwater food fish; whitefish; cisco.
Lakeland terrier one of a breed of small, squarely built terriers with a hard, wiry coat.
laker a ship built to operate on lakes, esp. the Great Lakes. [2 definitions]
lake trout a large gray fork-tailed trout found in the Great Lakes and other lakes of the northern United States and Canada.
Lake Victoria a large freshwater lake, the largest in Africa, located partly in Kenya and partly in Tanzania and Uganda.
lakh variant of lac2.
lallygag variant of lollygag.