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leniency the quality or state of being lenient. [2 definitions]
lenient not severe in enforcing restrictions or punishments; tolerant; indulgent.
lenitive mitigating pain, discomfort, or distress; soothing. [2 definitions]
lenity the condition or quality of being lenient, mild, or merciful.
lens a piece of molded or ground transparent material such as glass, whose surfaces are curved so as to cause the divergence or convergence of light rays passing through it. [3 definitions]
lensless combined form of lens.
-lent full of; characterized by.
Lent the forty weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter, observed by Christians as a period of fasting, penitence, and other self-denial.
lent past tense and past participle of lend.
lentamente slowly (used as a musical direction).
Lenten of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Lent. [2 definitions]
lentil a round, flattened seed produced by the lentil plant, used as food. [2 definitions]
lentissimo in a very slow tempo (used as a musical direction).
lento in music, slow. [2 definitions]
Leo a spring zodiacal constellation located between Cancer and Virgo and containing the bright star Regulus; Lion. [3 definitions]
Leonardo see da Vinci.
Leonardo da Vinci an Italian painter, sculptor, engineer, musician, and scientist (b.1452--d.1519).
leone the chief monetary unit of Sierra Leone, equaling one hundred cents.
Leonid any shower of meteors occurring annually in mid-November and appearing to radiate from the constellation Leo.
Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy Russian author and social critic (b.1828--d.1910).
leonine of or characteristic of lions. [2 definitions]