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luckless without good luck; attended by bad fortune.
lucky resulting from or having good fortune. [2 definitions]
lucrative producing monetary gain; profitable.
lucre money (used esp. in a negative sense).
lucubrate to compose scholarly works. [2 definitions]
lucubration laborious study or work, esp. late at night. [3 definitions]
Luddite any of a group of British laborers who between 1811 and 1816 destroyed industrial machinery in the belief that its use produced unemployment.
lude (slang) a methaqualone pill.
ludicrous worthy of mockery; laughable and ridiculous.
Ludwig van Beethoven German composer of European classical music (b.1770--d.1827).
luff the act of sailing into the wind. [5 definitions]
lug1 to move with a great effort, esp. by pulling or lifting. [2 definitions]
lug2 an earlike projection used to support or hold something, such as a machine. [2 definitions]
luge a tobogganlike racing sled on which the rider lies face up. [2 definitions]
Luger trademark for an automatic pistol manufactured in Germany.
luggage suitcases or other containers for transporting personal possessions on trips; baggage.
lugger a small boat having two or three masts rigged with lugsails.
lugsail a four-sided sail lacking a boom, the upper edge of which is supported by a yard that crosses the mast obliquely.
lugubrious sad or mournful, esp. in an exaggerated way; gloomy.
lugworm any of a group of segmented, burrowing, marine worms with tufted gills, often used as fishing bait.
Luigi Galvani an Italian physiologist and physicist (b.1737?--d.1798).