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luminance the state or quality of emitting or reflecting light. [2 definitions]
luminary a body that radiates or reflects light, such as the sun or moon. [3 definitions]
luminesce to emit light at a fairly cold temperature; be or become luminescent.
luminescence the production of light not caused directly by heat, as by chemical reaction. (Cf. incandescence.) [2 definitions]
luminescent of or characterized by luminescence.
luminiferous producing or transmitting light.
luminous giving off light; glowing. [3 definitions]
lummox (informal) someone who is especially clumsy, slow, and unintelligent.
lump a mass or pile, esp. a small one. [7 definitions]
lumpen designating uprooted and disenfranchised people who have come to be regarded as the lowest in their social class.
lumpish resembling or having the characteristics of a lump. [3 definitions]
lump sum a sum of money, esp. a total amount, that is paid at one time rather than in installments.
lumpy full of or covered with lumps. [2 definitions]
lumpy jaw see actinomycosis.
Luna in Roman mythology, the goddess of the moon; Selene.
lunacy mental derangement; insanity. [2 definitions]
luna moth a large pale-green North American moth with a crescent-shaped spot on each wing and long tail-like projections on the hind wings.
lunar of or relating to the moon. [2 definitions]
lunar caustic silver nitrate, used in medicine to cauterize tissues.
lunar eclipse the obscuring of the moon's reflected light by the earth's shadow when the earth passes between the moon and the sun.
lunar month one complete revolution of the moon around the earth, a period of approximately twenty-seven or twenty-nine days.