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macho embodying or demonstrating a conception of masculinity emphasizing strength, assertiveness, and dominance. [2 definitions]
Machu Picchu an extensive Inca ruin located in the Andes Mountains northwest of Cuzco, Peru.
Mackenzie River a river in Canada flowing from Great Slave Lake west and north toward the Arctic Ocean.
mackerel any of a number of related Atlantic food fish, esp. one with dark, wavy marks across the back and a silver underside. [2 definitions]
mackerel sky a sky mottled with rows or strings of small cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds that resemble the markings of a mackerel.
mackinaw a heavy, short, double-breasted coat, usu. of heavily napped, plaid wool.
mackintosh a raincoat made of a waterproof, rubberized cloth. [2 definitions]
macramé a decorative hanging, trimming, or the like, heavier than lace, that is made by twisting, interlacing, and knotting cords. [2 definitions]
macro an abbreviated computer instruction that represents a particular sequence of instructions; macroinstruction. [2 definitions]
macro- great; large; long.
macrobiotic of or relating to macrobiotics or the dietary practice or foods characteristic of it. [2 definitions]
macrobiotics (used with a sing. verb) a philosophical view that emphasizes living in harmony with nature, esp. through a diet of whole grains and vegetables, which is thought to promote long life.
macrocephalic having a large, or abnormally large, skull with a large braincase.
macrocephaly the condition of having an abnormally large head or cranial capacity. (Cf. microcephaly.)
macroclimate the climate of a very large region such as a nation.
macrocosm the universe in its entirety. (Cf. microcosm.) [3 definitions]
macroeconomics (used with a sing. verb) the study of a nation's economy as a whole and of the interrelationships of its various sectors and components. (Cf. microeconomics.)
macroinstruction see macro.
macromolecule a very large molecule, such as a polymer or protein molecule, composed of hundreds or thousands of atoms.
macron a diacritical mark ( - ), placed over a vowel to indicate that the vowel is long.
macroscopic large enough to be seen by the unaided human eye. (Cf. microscopic.) [2 definitions]