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martinet a person who enforces very strict discipline, esp. in the military.
martingale a harness strap between the girth and noseband that restrains a horse from throwing its head back. [2 definitions]
martini a cocktail made with gin or vodka and dry vermouth.
Martin Luther a German theologian and leader of the Protestant Reformation in Germany (b.1483--d.1546).
Martin Luther King Day a U.S. national holiday observed on the third Monday of January commemorating the birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. clergyman and civil rights leader (b.1929--d.1968).
Martinmas a Christian church festival held on November 11 in honor of St. Martin.
martyr a person who chooses to die or be killed rather than renounce his or her religious beliefs. [5 definitions]
martyrdom the condition of being a martyr; suffering or death that a martyr undergoes. [2 definitions]
martyrize to make a martyr of, esp. by causing to suffer; torment.
martyrology a list or catalogue of martyrs. [4 definitions]
marvel a thing, person, or event that causes awe, admiration, or amazement. [3 definitions]
marvelous causing awe, admiration, or amazement. [3 definitions]
Marxism the theories and doctrines of Karl Marx, esp. those concerning economics, dialectical materialism, and conflict between social classes.
Mary according to the New Testament, the mother of Jesus Christ who, according to Roman Catholic doctrine, remained a perpetual virgin; Virgin Mary.
Mary Jane (slang) marijuana.
Mary Janes trademark for a girl's patent leather low-heeled dress shoe having a strap that crosses the instep.
Maryland an east central U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between Delaware and Virginia. (abbr.: MD)
Mary Magdalene according to the New Testament, a woman who was present at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and reported his resurrection to the Apostles, and is traditionally regarded as the repentant prostitute reformed by Christ's teachings.
marzipan a confection made of almond paste, egg whites, and sugar, and often molded into decorative forms.
-mas celebration, feast, or festival.