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mithridate a substance that reputedly acts as an antidote to poison.
mitigate to lessen the force, severity, or impact of. [3 definitions]
mitochondrion any of the very tiny rodlike, stringlike, or bean-shaped structures that occur in nearly all cells of plants and animals, and that process food for energy.
mitosis duplication and division of the nucleus of a dividing cell. [2 definitions]
mitral of, like, or resembling a miter. [2 definitions]
mitral valve the heart valve located between the left auricle and ventricle that prevents blood from flowing back into the auricle when the heart contracts.
mitt a padded covering for a ballplayer's hand; baseball glove. [3 definitions]
mitten a hand covering, worn for warmth, with one section for the thumb and one for all the other fingers.
mitzvah commandment (Hebrew); a Jewish law found in or based on the Bible, or the fulfillment of such a law. [2 definitions]
mix to combine things or substances together so that the parts are more or less indistinguishable; blend. [8 definitions]
mixable combined form of mix.
mixed blended together. [2 definitions]
mixed bag a diverse assortment.
mixed marriage a marriage between people of different races or religions.
mixed media the use of more than one medium, such as slides, music, dance, or drama, in presenting something for instruction, entertainment, or the like; multimedia. [2 definitions]
mixed metaphor a combination of two or more metaphors with an inconsistent or nonsensical result or effect, such as, "He lit a fire that would soon bear fruit".
mixed number a number consisting of an integer and a fraction, such as two and one half.
mixed-up mentally confused or disoriented. [2 definitions]
mixer an electrical device used for blending different foods together. [4 definitions]
mixing bowl a bowl in which ingredients can be combined in food preparation.
mix it up (informal) to fistfight or quarrel.