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modern dance a form of contemporary dance in which stylized movements of the body depict and express ideas, emotions, and the like.
Modern English the English language since the late fifteenth century.
Modern Hebrew the Hebrew language of post-Biblical times, esp. the language of modern Israel.
modernism the tendency to value or adhere to that which is contemporary or modern. [2 definitions]
modernize to make modern or contemporary. [2 definitions]
modest having or expressing a relatively low or moderate opinion of one's abilities, achievements, worth, importance, or the like. [5 definitions]
modesty the quality of being modest; lack of vanity or pretense. [2 definitions]
modicum a small or modest amount.
modification the act of modifying, or the condition of being modified. [5 definitions]
modifier someone or something that modifies. [2 definitions]
modify to alter somewhat; make changes in. [4 definitions]
modish being in or according to current fashion or style; fashionable.
modiste one who designs, makes, or deals in fashionable or stylish clothes, esp. women's dresses and hats.
modular of or relating to a module or modules. [2 definitions]
modulate to adjust or adapt to a particular measure or proportion. [6 definitions]
modulation the act or process of modulating, or the condition of being modulated. [3 definitions]
module a part or unit used as a standard for measuring, as in building. [4 definitions]
modulus in mathematics, the absolute value of a complex number, computed by adding the squares of each element, then finding the square root of the resulting sum. [2 definitions]
modus operandi a method of accomplishing something; way of working.
modus vivendi method of living; way of getting along. [2 definitions]
Mogadishu the seaport capital of Somalia.