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moose a large North American hoofed, cud-chewing mammal with humped shoulders, the males of which bear broad, flattened antlers.
moo shu pork a Chinese dish of thin strips of pork with eggs and vegetables, quick-fried and usu. prepared in a crÍpe with a kind of soy sauce.
moot not clearly settled; arguable; debatable. [6 definitions]
moot court a mock trial, usu. for the instruction of law students.
mop a mass of absorbent material fastened at the end of a long handle and used for washing surfaces, esp. floors. [3 definitions]
mope to act dejected and gloomy; sulk; brood. [3 definitions]
moped a motorized bicycle of low power.
moppet (informal) a cute young child.
mop-up the completion of an action, esp. a military action.
mop up of a military force, to clear an area of the few remaining enemy forces.
moraine a deposit of rocks, sand, or clay carried or pushed aside by a moving glacier.
moral of, relating to, or concerned with the principles of right and wrong in human conduct. [6 definitions]
morale the mental or emotional condition of a person or group, as indicated by the level of enthusiasm, confidence, cheerfulness, or the like.
moralist one who believes that conduct should follow a particular set of moral standards. [2 definitions]
morality adherence to standards of right conduct. [4 definitions]
morality play an allegorical drama with characters that personify certain vices and virtues, intended for the moral and theological instruction of the audience.
moralize to discuss or think about morality. [3 definitions]
morally in a moral way or manner. [2 definitions]
moral philosophy see ethics.
morals ideas or habits of behavior that have to do with what is right and what is wrong.
morass an area of soft wet ground such as a swamp or bog. [2 definitions]