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motte in the western United States, a small grove of trees on a prairie.
mottle to create a pattern of variegated color and tone on (a surface). [3 definitions]
mottled blotched or spotted with varying colors or shades.
motto a short phrase used to recall or exemplify a philosophy, code of behavior, or the like. [2 definitions]
moue a pronounced distortion of the face expressing dejection, petulance, disappointment, or the like; pout.
mouflon a wild sheep that inhabits mountainous areas of Corsica and Sardinia.
mouillÚ pronounced palatally, as "ll" in French, "˝" in Spanish, and "gl" and "gn" in Italian.
moulder (chiefly British) variant of molder.
moulding a spelling of molding used in Canada and Britain. See molding for more information.
mound a raised pile; heap. [6 definitions]
Mound Builders the early Indian peoples of North America who built extensive burial mounds, mainly in the Mississippi Valley.
mount1 to climb. [10 definitions]
mount2 a mountain or high hill.
mountain a geological formation or land mass with great height and steep sides that is higher than a hill. [2 definitions]
mountain ash any of several usu. ornamental trees of the rose family, bearing clusters of white flowers and red or orange berries.
mountaineer a person who climbs mountains for sport. [3 definitions]
mountain goat see Rocky Mountain goat.
mountain laurel an evergreen shrub of the eastern United States, having thick shiny leaves and bearing pink and white flowers.
mountain lion a large, powerful, tawny wild cat of the Western Hemisphere; cougar.
mountainous having many mountains. [2 definitions]
mountain range a series of mountains having a common origin and geological similarity.