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mouthwatering so appetizing in smell, appearance, taste, or description as to activate one's salivary glands; tasty or delicious.
mouthy impudent or insolent in speaking.
mouton sheepskin or lambskin processed to resemble more expensive beaver or seal furs, usu. used for coats.
movable capable of being moved; not permanently fixed. [3 definitions]
move to change position or location. [14 definitions]
moveable combined form of move.
move in to become situated in a new home or place of business.
moveless combined form of move.
movement change in position or location. [8 definitions]
move on to change to a new place, position, or subject.
move out to leave a home or business taking all your things with you.
move over to shift so as to make room for another.
mover a person or thing that moves. [3 definitions]
movie a motion picture; film. [3 definitions]
moviegoer one who attends a film or films.
moviemaker a person who makes movies, esp. a producer or director; filmmaker.
moviemaking the process, activity, or profession of making movies.
movie star a movie actor who has attained celebrity and usu. plays lead roles in movies.
movie theater a building where movies are shown to the public on a large screen.
moving changing place or position. [3 definitions]
moving picture see motion picture.