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narwhal an arctic aquatic mammal related to the dolphin, that has a spotted pelt and, on the male, a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the upper jaw.
nary (informal) not any; never a; no.
NASA abbreviation of "National Aeronautics and Space Administration."
nasal of or relating to the nose. [3 definitions]
nasalize to make a nasal sound.
nascent coming into being or starting to develop.
NASDAQ abbreviation of "National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations."
Nashville the capital of Tennessee.
naso- nose.
Nassau the capital of the Bahamas.
nasturtium any of several trailing, edible garden plants, or their bright, usu. yellow, orange, or red flower.
nasty repellent, esp. to sight, smell, or taste; filthy or foul. [3 definitions]
nat.1 abbreviation of "national."
nat.2 abbreviation of "natural."
nat.3 abbreviation of "native."
natal of, concerning, or occurring at birth. [2 definitions]
natality birth rate.
natant swimming or floating on or in water.
natatorial of, pertaining to, or adapted for swimming.
natatorium a swimming pool and accompanying facilities, usu. indoors.
nates the buttocks, or a similar part in certain nonhuman organisms.