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natural selection a natural process of evolution in which the organisms that are best adapted to their environment survive and are able to reproduce, while those that are weak leave fewer or no offspring. (See survival of the fittest).
nature the essential character or quality of a person or thing. [9 definitions]
-natured having or showing (such) a nature, character, or temperament.
naturist one who appreciates the delights of nature.
naturopathy a method of treating illness without drugs, relying on massage, sunlight, proper food, and the like.
Naugahyde trademark for a strong vinyl-coated fabric imitative of leather, used for furniture, luggage, and the like.
naught the number zero. [3 definitions]
naughty misbehaving or mischievous. [2 definitions]
Nauru a Pacific island country slightly south of the equator and northeast of New Guinea.
nausea a stomach disturbance marked by vomiting or the impulse to vomit; queasiness. [2 definitions]
nauseate to upset the stomach of (a person or animal), often to the point of causing vomiting; cause nausea in. [2 definitions]
nauseous causing nausea; sickening or disgusting. [2 definitions]
nautch in India, a type of folk dance. [2 definitions]
nautical of, relating to, or characteristic of the sea, sea transport, or sailors; naval or marine.
nautical mile a unit of length equal to 1.852 kilometers or 6,076.1 feet, used in sea and air navigation.
nautilus any of several related mollusks of the Indian or South Pacific Ocean, having a spiral, chambered shell lined with a pearly membrane; chambered nautilus; pearly nautilus.
Navajo a member of a tribe of North American Indians occupying parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. [3 definitions]
naval of or pertaining to ships, esp. those of a navy. [2 definitions]
nave1 the long center of a church, extending from the entry area to the altar, usu. with aisles on either side.
nave2 the center of a wheel; hub.
navel the place on the abdomen of a mammal where the umbilical cord of the fetus was attached; umbilicus. [2 definitions]