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occupy to control (territory or the like) after seizure. [4 definitions]
occur to take place; happen. [3 definitions]
occurrence the process or fact of occurring. [2 definitions]
ocean the vast expanse of salt water covering approximately three quarters of the earth's surface. [3 definitions]
oceanarium a large public or commercial marine aquarium.
oceanaut an aquanaut.
ocean floor the surface of the ground at the bottom of the ocean.
ocean-going of, or designed or equipped for, travel on seas and oceans, as a ship. [2 definitions]
Oceania the central and southern Pacific islands collectively, including Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and sometimes Australia, New Zealand, and the Malay Archipelago; Oceanica.
oceanic of, pertaining to, or produced by the ocean. [2 definitions]
ocean liner a large commercial ship designed for travel on the open seas, which transports passengers or cargo, typically on a regular route.
oceanography the branch of science that deals with the geography and other features of oceans.
oceanology oceanography.
ocean sunfish any of a family of bony marine fishes, esp. a large, slow-moving, tropical species with a flattened body resembling an upright disk.
ocellus the small, simple eyespot that is common to many invertebrates, consisting of a retina, pigments, and nerve fibers. [2 definitions]
ocelot a spotted wild cat of Central and South America, similar to but smaller than a leopard.
ocher any of several iron oxides mixed with clay or sand, ranging in color from pale yellow to reddish brown, and used as pigments. [2 definitions]
ochlocracy government by a lawless crowd of people; mobocracy.
-ock small.
o'clock of or according to the clock. [2 definitions]
ocotillo a spiny shrub that resembles a cactus, found in the dry regions of Mexico and the southwestern United States.