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ominous indicating or threatening future evil or unpleasantness. [2 definitions]
omissible subject to or suitable for omission.
omission the act of omitting, or the condition of being omitted. [2 definitions]
omit to not include (something) through neglect or by decision; leave out. [2 definitions]
ommatidium any of the individual photoreceptors that form the compound eye of an insect, crustacean, or the like.
ommatophore a movable stalk bearing an eye, as in certain snails.
omni- all.
omnibus a large, long motor vehicle for transporting passengers; bus. [3 definitions]
omnidirectional able to receive radio waves or the like from, or broadcast them in, all directions.
omnifarious of all kinds or forms.
omnipotence the state or quality of being all-powerful.
omnipotent possessing infinite power; all-powerful. [3 definitions]
omnipresent existing in all places at any given time.
omniscient infinite in knowledge; all-knowing. [3 definitions]
omnium-gatherum a miscellaneous collection; miscellany.
omnivore an animal that feeds on both plants and animals.
omnivorous living on a diet of both plant and animal food. [3 definitions]
omophagia the eating of raw meat.
omphalos the navel or bellybutton. [2 definitions]
-on1 subatomic particle. [3 definitions]
-on2 used in naming inert gases.