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other world a world or existence after death. [2 definitions]
otherworldly of, relating to, or like another world, such as that of the spirit or the imagination. [2 definitions]
-otic having to do with (such) a condition, action, or process. [3 definitions]
otiose idle or lazy. [2 definitions]
otitis inflammation of the ear, esp. of the middle ear; otitis media.
otitis media inflammation of the middle ear.
oto- ear.
otology the study of the form, function, and disorders of the ear.
otosclerosis a soft bonelike growth in the inner ear that can cause deafness.
ottava rima a poetic stanza of eight lines, the first six rhyming in alternation and the last two rhyming with each other.
Ottawa the capital of Canada. [3 definitions]
otter any of several sleek aquatic or semi-aquatic mammals that are related to the mink and weasel, and that have webbed feet, a long, somewhat flattened tail, and thick, dark brown fur.
ottoman a low, upholstered or cushioned stool; hassock. [2 definitions]
Ottoman Empire an empire of the Turks that existed from about 1300 to 1918 and that at times included much of the land bordering on the Mediterranean; Turkish Empire.
Ouagadougou the capital of Burkina Faso.
oubliette a hidden dungeon entered only through a trap door in the ceiling, as found in certain old castles.
ouch used to express sudden pain or annoyance.
oud a stringed musical instrument that resembles a lute, used esp. in Africa and Asia.
ought used to indicate what is considered to be morally correct or responsible behavior. [4 definitions]
oughtn't contracted form of "ought not".
ouguiya the chief monetary unit of Mauritania, equaling five khoums.