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outfox to outwit or gain the advantage over through cunning; outsmart.
outfumble combined form of fumble.
outgain combined form of gain.
outgeneral to outdo or excel in commanding, managing, or functioning as a leader.
outglitter combined form of glitter.
outgo to leave far behind; outdistance. [4 definitions]
outgoing going out or leaving, as a vessel; outbound. [3 definitions]
outgrew past tense of outgrow.
outgross combined form of gross.
outgrow to grow too big or old for. [3 definitions]
outgrown past participle of outgrow.
outgrowth that which develops or results from something. [2 definitions]
outguess to accurately anticipate and forestall the actions of; outwit.
outhouse an outbuilding, usu. a small shed housing an outdoor toilet; privy.
outhunt combined form of hunt.
outhustle combined form of hustle.
outing a trip away from home or school, for a day or less, usu. for pleasure; excursion or field trip. [2 definitions]
out in left field (informal) a position or opinion that is untenable, unlikely, or wrong.
outintrigue combined form of intrigue.
outjump combined form of jump.
outkick combined form of kick.