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ovule a very small plant part that develops into a seed when fertilized. [2 definitions]
ovum the female reproductive cell in animals or plants; gamete.
ow ouch (used to express sudden or sharp pain).
owe to be obligated to repay. [4 definitions]
owing as yet unpaid; due.
owing to because of; due to; resulting from.
owl any of various nocturnal birds of prey that have large eyes set in the front of a large head, a strong hooked beak, and strong, sharp talons.
owlet a small or immature owl.
own belonging to oneself or itself alone. [5 definitions]
owner one who owns.
ownership the state or fact of being an owner. [2 definitions]
ox one of a breed of large domestic cattle commonly used as draft animals, esp. an adult, castrated male. [2 definitions]
oxalic acid a poisonous, colorless acid used as a cleansing agent, laundry bleach, and laboratory reagent.
oxblood a dull dark red color.
oxbow a U-shaped wooden collar that attaches a yoke to the neck of an ox. [2 definitions]
Oxbridge Oxford and Cambridge universities considered collectively as representing British upper-class intellectual life. [2 definitions]
oxen pl. of ox.
oxeye any of various composite flowers, such as the sunflower.
ox-eyed having large, round eyes.
oxeye daisy a composite plant of North America and Europe having a vivid yellow center with white petals extending from it.
OXFAM a British charity, originally named Oxford Famine Relief, engaged in relieving poverty and suffering worldwide and commonly associated with its thrift shops that sell donated goods.