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padauk any of a family of trees native to Africa and Asia. [2 definitions]
padded cell a room, cell, or the like that is extensively lined with padding and in which potentially violent prisoners or patients may be confined without risk of injuring themselves.
padding material used as pads or to make pads or cushions. [3 definitions]
paddle a wide-bladed oar with a long handle, used with both arms for moving a small boat, esp. a canoe, through the water. [8 definitions]
paddleball a game played on a handball court following handball rules, but in which the ball, resembling a tennis ball, is hit with a short-handled, perforated paddle.
paddlefish a large fish, found in the Mississippi and Yangtze river basins, that has a long flat snout shaped like a paddle.
paddle tennis a modified form of tennis, handball, and squash played on an outdoor court with wooden paddles and a rubber ball.
paddle wheel an engine-driven or pedal-operated wheel that has boards or paddles fixed at right angles around its circumference, used to propel a boat, esp. a river steamboat.
paddock an enclosed field, usu. near a barn, for grazing or exercising horses. [2 definitions]
Paddy (slang; often derogatory) an Irishman.
paddy a flooded field for growing rice.
padlock a portable lock for fastening doors, boxes, cables, and the like. [2 definitions]
padre father (a form of address used for a priest in Spanish-speaking countries).
padrone a master; boss. [2 definitions]
paduasoy a rich, strong, corded silk fabric. [2 definitions]
paean a song or hymn sung as an expression of praise.
paella a Spanish dish combining chicken, rice, vegetables, and usu. meat and seafood, that is seasoned with saffron.
paeon a metrical unit of one long and three short syllables that may occur in any order.
pagan a person professing belief in a polytheistic religion. [6 definitions]
paganize to make or become pagan.
page1 one side of a sheet of printed or written paper. [6 definitions]