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Paleogene see tertiary.
paleography the study and dating of ancient writing and inscriptions. [2 definitions]
Paleolithic (sometimes l.c.) designating the earliest period of the Stone Age, from about 2 million B.C. to about 10,000 B.C., characterized by the use of primitive stone tools.
paleontology the scientific study of life in past geologic periods through examination of animal and plant fossils.
Paleozoic of, relating to, or designating the geological era between the Precambrian and Mesozoic, from approximately 600 million to 220 million years ago, when the first fishes, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and land plants appeared. [2 definitions]
Palestine a Middle Eastern region on the land of ancient Canaan and modern Israel, including disputed territories on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that are now governed by Israel; Holy Land.
Palestinian a native of Palestine, esp. an Arab, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
palestra in ancient Greece, a public place for the practice of athletics.
palette a thin, often oval board, usu. with a thumb hole, on which a painter holds and mixes colors. [2 definitions]
palette knife a thin, flexible steel blade set in a handle and used by artists to mix colors or clean the palette.
Pali the ancient Indic dialect that is the scriptural language of Buddhism.
palimony a form of alimony, granted or paid after the separation of an unmarried couple who have lived as though married for a substantial period.
palimpsest a piece of parchment or other writing material on which a text has been written over one or more earlier texts that are still partially visible.
palindrome a word, phrase, or longer expression with letters in the same order both backward as forward, such as "level" or "Able was I ere I saw Elba".
paling a fence built of pales. [3 definitions]
palinode a poem whose contents retract something stated in a previous poem. [2 definitions]
palisade a tall strong fence of pointed stakes. [3 definitions]
pall1 a heavy cloth covering for a funeral casket, hearse, or tomb. [3 definitions]
pall2 to become boring or distasteful; cause weariness.
palladic of or containing tetravalent palladium.
Palladium a statue of Athena, esp. one placed at the citadel of Troy as divine protection for the city. [2 definitions]