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pencil sharpener a small device used for making pencils sharp. A pencil sharpener has a hole in one area where a pencil is to be inserted and where it comes into contact with a blade.
pend to await judgment or decision. [2 definitions]
pendant something hanging as an ornament, esp. on a chain around the neck or on an earring. [3 definitions]
pendent hanging or suspended. [3 definitions]
pending in the period of waiting; until. [4 definitions]
pendragon the title of the supreme leader or chief in ancient Britain.
pendular of or like a pendulum's motion; swinging back and forth.
pendulous hanging downward; suspended so as to swing or sway. [2 definitions]
pendulum a weight suspended on a long cord, wire, or lever so as to swing back and forth under the influence of gravity.
peneplain in geology, a region that has become almost a flat plain as a result of erosion.
penes a pl. of penis.
penetrable capable of being penetrated.
penetrate to pierce or go into or through; enter or pass through the interior of. [7 definitions]
penetrating able to penetrate, or seeming to do so; piercing. [2 definitions]
penetration the act, process, or power of penetrating. [3 definitions]
penguin any of various large, flightless, aquatic birds of the colder regions of the Southern Hemisphere that have webbed feet and short flipperlike wings.
penholder a holder into which a pen point fits. [2 definitions]
penicillin any of several antibiotics derived naturally or synthetically from molds and used to treat various bacterial diseases and infections.
penicillium any of various blue-green molds found on stale bread, decaying fruit, and the like that are used in the making of cheese and the production of penicillin.
peninsula an area of land surrounded on nearly all sides by water, and connected to a mainland by a usu. narrow strip of land.
penis the male genital organ used for copulation and urination.