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pep pill (informal) a pill, tablet, or capsule containing a stimulant such as amphetamine.
peppy full of energy or pep; lively; animated.
pep rally a gathering, usu. before a school athletic event, to arouse enthusiasm.
pepsin an enzyme contained in gastric juice that serves as a catalyst in the digestion of most proteins. [2 definitions]
pep talk a vigorous talk to an individual or group, such as an athletic team, to instill enthusiasm, increase determination, and the like.
peptic of, relating to, or promoting digestion. [4 definitions]
peptide any of various compounds composed of two or more amino acids, the carboxyl group of one acid being joined to the amino group of another.
peptone any of various soluble, diffusible, derived proteins formed by the action of enzymes, or by the acid hydrolysis of proteins.
Pequot a member of a former North American Indian people that lived in southern New England until conquered in 1637. [2 definitions]
per for each. [2 definitions]
per- through. [3 definitions]
perambulate to walk through or over, esp. in order to inspect; travel through. [2 definitions]
perambulator a baby carriage or stroller.
per annum by the year; annually.
percale a tightly woven cotton fabric used esp. to make bed linens.
per capita for each unit of population; per person.
perceivable capable of being known by means of the senses; perceptible.
perceive to become aware of by means of the senses. [2 definitions]
perceived as it seems in the mind; supposed.
percent one part or unit of each hundred, or a fraction expressed as parts of a hundred. (abbr.: pct.) [3 definitions]
percentage some portion of a whole based on a total of one hundred parts. [3 definitions]