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plantigrade characterized by the use of the whole sole of the foot in walking.
plant louse an aphid, or any of various related insects.
plant medicine a traditional practice in which herbs and plant extracts are used to treat disease; herbal medicine. [3 definitions]
plaque a flat plate or tablet, usu. inscribed and used as a decorative hanging or as a commemorative. [3 definitions]
plash a gentle splash. [3 definitions]
-plasia development; growth; formation.
-plasm formative material, esp. of cells or tissue.
plasma the clear, liquid part of lymph or blood in which cells are suspended. [4 definitions]
plasmagene a cytoplasmic structure or substance that is thought to carry hereditary characteristics and function in a manner similar to, but independent of, chromosomal genes.
plasma membrane the thin, semipermeable membrane that encloses a plant or animal cell.
plasmapheresis a medical procedure in which blood cells are returned to the donor after the plasma and blood cells have been separated.
plasmid a DNA-containing, self-reproducing element in the cytoplasm of some bacteria which exists outside the chromosome, used in recombinant DNA technology because it can alter a hereditary characteristic when introduced into another bacterium.
plasmin an enzyme in plasma that dissolves certain proteins involved in blood clotting.
plasmolysis the contraction of a cell's protoplasm, esp. in plants, because of the loss of water through the cell membrane or wall.
-plast an organized unit of usu. organic matter; cell.
plaster a paste of sand, lime or gypsum, or the like, and water that hardens when it dries, used esp. to cover walls and ceilings. [4 definitions]
plasterboard a thin sheet of hardened plaster covered with paper or cardboard and used to cover walls and ceilings.
plaster cast a sturdy rigid covering consisting of gauze saturated in plaster of Paris which is wrapped, when still wet, around a fractured limb or other part to prevent movement during healing. [2 definitions]
plastered (slang) drunk.
plaster of Paris any of several white gypsum powders that form a paste and harden quickly when added to water, and are used for making casts, molds, and sculpture.
-plastic developing, growing, or forming. [2 definitions]