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plausible seeming to be true or reasonable; credible. [2 definitions]
play a composition written for the stage; drama. [20 definitions]
playa the flat floor of a usu. dry desert lake. [2 definitions]
playable combined form of play.
playact to act out fantasies; pretend; make believe. [3 definitions]
play-action pass in football, a forward pass made by the quarterback after feigning a handoff.
playback the act of playing a previously made recording or parts of a recording on a recording device, sound-reproducing system, or the like. [2 definitions]
playbill an advertisement or program for a play or other performance.
playbook a book illustrating sports plays, used esp. by coaches or coaching staff.
playboy a wealthy man who spends his time pursuing social and sensual pleasures.
play-by-play concerning or being a detailed account of each step or action during an event, esp. a sports event. [2 definitions]
player one who takes part in a game or sport. [3 definitions]
player piano an automatic piano that plays by means of a perforated paper roll that signals a pneumatic mechanism to depress the keys.
play footsie with (informal) to engage in flirtation or surreptitious sexual intimacies with, as by touching someone's foot beneath a table. [2 definitions]
playful cheerfully energetic. [2 definitions]
playgirl a wealthy girl or woman who spends her time pursuing social and sensual pleasures.
playgoer one who often attends theatrical performances.
playground an outdoor area where children can play, often containing recreational equipment such as swings and seesaws. [2 definitions]
play havoc with to destroy. [2 definitions]
play hob with to treat or trick mischievously.
playhouse a theater where plays are performed. [3 definitions]