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predeparture combined form of departure.
predesignate to designate in advance.
predestinate to determine or destine beforehand, esp. by divine will or decree.
predestination the act of predestining, or the state of being predestined. [3 definitions]
predestine to determine the unalterable fate or future of, esp. by divine power.
predetermine to form or set (a decision, course of action, or the like) ahead of time. [3 definitions]
predevelopment combined form of development.
predicable that may be declared or asserted according to conventions of logic or sentence structure; able to be predicated. [2 definitions]
predicament a difficult or dangerous situation with no obvious or completely satisfactory solution.
predicate to declare or assert, often as a belief. [7 definitions]
predict to see or proclaim in advance (a future unplanned event); prophesy; foretell. [3 definitions]
predictable able to be predicted or anticipated. [2 definitions]
prediction the act of foretelling or the attempt at foretelling. [2 definitions]
predictive of or relating to predictions. [2 definitions]
predigest to subject (food) to artificial, partial digestion before eating.
predilection an inclination to favor something; partiality or preference.
predinner combined form of dinner.
prediscovery combined form of discovery.
predispose to prepare (someone) beforehand to be inclined toward a certain attitude or action. [2 definitions]
predisposition the condition of being predisposed; tendency.
prednisone a derivative of cortisone commonly used to treat arthritis.