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prokaryote an organism that lacks a nucleus membrane and that reproduces by fission. (Cf. eukaryote.)
prolactin a pituitary hormone that stimulates milk secretion in mammals.
prolapse the falling down or slipping out of place of a body part or organ, esp. the uterus. [2 definitions]
prolate of a sphereoid, elongated or extended along the polar axis.
prolegomenon a critical, introductory essay in a book.
prolepsis the anticipation of possible arguments, before they are put forward by an opponent, in order to answer them in advance. [2 definitions]
proletarian of, pertaining or belonging to, or characteristic of the proletariat. [2 definitions]
proletariat the working class, esp. those who lack capital and must sell their usu. unskilled labor in order to survive.
proliferate to multiply or grow quickly by, or as though by, cell division and the reproductive processes of living things. [3 definitions]
proliferation the act or process of proliferating.
prolific producing young or new growth in abundance; fertile. [2 definitions]
prolix wordy and boringly long. [2 definitions]
prologue an introduction to a spoken or written work such as a speech or play; preface. [3 definitions]
prolong to make (something) last longer; protract. [2 definitions]
prolusion a preliminary essay written as an introductory piece for a more detailed work, or any similarly introductory work or performance.
prom (informal) a formal dance for high school or college students; promenade.
promenade a recreational or leisurely stroll, esp. in public. [8 definitions]
Promethean of or resembling Prometheus. [3 definitions]
Prometheus in Greek mythology, the Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man.
promethium a synthetic radioactive chemical element of the rare-earth metallic group that has sixty-one protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Pm)
prominence the state or quality of being important or widely known or admired. [2 definitions]