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propound to propose or set forth for consideration.
proprietary of, pertaining to, or suitable to a proprietor. [6 definitions]
proprietor an owner, or group of owners, of a business enterprise, real property, or the like. [2 definitions]
proprietress a female proprietor.
propriety proper or appropriate behavior. [3 definitions]
propulsion the act or process of propelling, or the condition of being propelled. [2 definitions]
propyl a monovalent organic radical of three carbon and seven hydrogen atoms.
propylene a colorless combustible gas derived during the refining of petroleum and used in organic synthesis.
propylene glycol a thick colorless liquid used as a lubricant, in antifreeze, and as a solvent.
pro rata in proportion; proportionately.
prorate to divide, allocate, or assess proportionately.
prorogue to discontinue a session of (a legislative body). [2 definitions]
prosaic straightforward and plain; unimaginative; dull. [2 definitions]
proscenium the part of the theater or stage located between the curtain and the orchestra pit or the first row of seats. [3 definitions]
prosciutto spicy dried ham used in Italian cooking, usu. sliced very thin.
proscribe to make illegal or prohibit. [2 definitions]
proscription the act of proscribing, or the condition of being proscribed.
prose written or spoken expression in its usual form as a series of sentences that do not have the metrical or rhythmic structure of poetry. [3 definitions]
prosecute to begin or carry on legal action against (a person or group), or to seek enforcement of (a claim) through legal action. [5 definitions]
prosecuting attorney a public official responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in a given jurisdiction; prosecutor.
prosecution the initiating and continuing of legal proceedings against one or more persons. [3 definitions]