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rangy having long, slender limbs; tall and thin. [2 definitions]
rani a reigning Hindu princess or queen. [2 definitions]
rank1 the relative position of one person or group of persons to another in a hierarchy or society. [10 definitions]
rank2 having an extremely offensive odor or taste. [4 definitions]
rank and file all the ordinary members of a group, not the leaders.
Rankine-cycle engine a type of steam engine in which the water that is evaporated into steam is condensed and recycled, developed experimentally as a pollution-reducing alternative to the internal combustion engine.
ranking having a senior or superior position. [2 definitions]
rankle to cause continual bother or resentment. [2 definitions]
ransack to search through thoroughly, esp. for items to steal; plunder.
ransom the payment demanded in return for the release of a kidnapped person, or the release obtained by such a payment. [2 definitions]
rant to speak or complain loudly and vehemently. [3 definitions]
rap1 to hit (something) with a rapid, hard stroke; strike. [9 definitions]
rap2 (informal) the slightest amount; a tiny bit.
rap3 a type of popular music of combined Jamaican and African-American origin in which rhymed verses are spoken, accompanied by a heavy repetitive beat, usu. on synthesizers or drums. [4 definitions]
rapacious extremely greedy or ravenous; voracious. [2 definitions]
rape1 the crime of forcing an unwilling or legally incompetent person to participate in sexual intercourse. [5 definitions]
rape2 a plant of the cabbage family, cultivated for forage and for its oil-rich seeds.
Raphael an Italian painter (1483-1520). [2 definitions]
raphe a seamlike ridge between two halves of a bilaterally symmetrical organ or structure such as the scrotum, the coats of certain seeds, or the valves of certain diatom shells.
rapid happening in a brief time. [4 definitions]
rapid eye movement the rapid back-and-forth and up-and-down movements of the eyes during the phases of sleep when dreaming occurs. (abbrev.:REM)