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recline to move into a comfortable lying position. [3 definitions]
recliner a type of chair with a back that tilts to an inclined position, often with a footrest that rises simultaneously.
reclothe combined form of clothe.
recluse a person who lives in voluntary isolation from others. [2 definitions]
reclusive tending to separate oneself from society and live in secluded isolation.
recodify combined form of codify.
recognition the act of identifying someone or something previously seen or known. [4 definitions]
recognizable that is or can be recognized.
recognizance a formal promise made in court or to a judge obligating the promiser to do something such as appear in court. [2 definitions]
recognize to identify (someone or something) from previous experience or contact with that person or thing. [5 definitions]
recoil to draw or start back, as in disgust or horror. [5 definitions]
re-coil to wind into a coil again.
recoilless designating a firearm, such as a rifle, that is designed to spring back a minimum amount from the force of discharge.
re-collect to collect or gather once more. [2 definitions]
recollect to retrieve or be able to retrieve from memory; recall; remember. [2 definitions]
recollection the act or power of recalling or remembering. [2 definitions]
recolonization combined form of colonization.
recolonize combined form of colonize.
recolor combined form of color.
recombinant DNA any DNA prepared by splicing DNA from one organism or species with genes of another, creating a new genetic makeup.
recombination the formation of new and different sets of chromosomes or genes through cellular reproductive activity or artificial manipulation.