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Reb (Yiddish) a Jewish title of respect used with the given name rather than the surname, roughly the equivalent of "Mister".
rebait combined form of bait.
rebalance combined form of balance.
rebaptism combined form of baptism.
rebaptize combined form of baptize.
rebarbative tending to irritate or repel; forbidding or unattractive.
rebate a portion of a credited payment or charge that is returned, esp. in cash; refund of part of a charge. [2 definitions]
rebbe a Jewish spiritual leader, esp. of a Hasidic sect.
rebbetzin the wife of a rabbi.
rebec a pear-shaped, three-stringed musical instrument of the Middle Ages and Renaissance that is played with a bow.
rebegin combined form of begin.
rebel one who resists authority or restriction. [6 definitions]
rebellion an uprising or armed resistance against established authority or a government. [2 definitions]
rebellious unwilling to accept one's situation or submit to the will of others. [4 definitions]
rebid combined form of bid.
rebind combined form of bind.
rebirth a major recurrence, as of a phenomenon; revival. [3 definitions]
reblend combined form of blend.
rebloom combined form of bloom.
reboard combined form of board.
rebook combined form of book.