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recolonize combined form of colonize.
recolor combined form of color.
recombinant DNA any DNA prepared by splicing DNA from one organism or species with genes of another, creating a new genetic makeup.
recombination the formation of new and different sets of chromosomes or genes through cellular reproductive activity or artificial manipulation.
recombine combined form of combine.
recommence combined form of commence.
recommencement combined form of commencement.
recommend to put forward as being worthy of regard or confidence; give endorsement of. [3 definitions]
recommendable combined form of recommend.
recommendation something that recommends, such as a favorable letter or verbal praise. [2 definitions]
recommission combined form of commission.
recommit to commit again.
recompense to repay (someone) for giving aid or service, or for incurring costs or inconvenience on one's behalf. [4 definitions]
recompilation combined form of compilation.
recompile combined form of compile.
recompose to compose anew; rearrange or reconstitute. [2 definitions]
recomputation combined form of computation.
recompute combined form of compute.
reconceive combined form of conceive.
reconcentrate combined form of concentrate.
reconcentration combined form of concentration.