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revolution the internal, usu. forcible, overthrow of a political system or legitimate government. [5 definitions]
revolutionary of, relating to, or marked by a desire for revolution. [3 definitions]
Revolutionary War see American Revolution.
revolutionist one who participates in or supports a revolution.
revolutionize to radically alter; transform. [2 definitions]
revolve to turn or spin on an axis. [6 definitions]
revolver a handgun with a revolving set of cylindrical chambers for bullets. [2 definitions]
revolving able to revolve.
revolving door a door whose partitions, usu. four, are connected on a central revolving axis, allowing entrance as one pushes against a panel.
revote combined form of vote.
revue a form of entertainment consisting of a series of songs, comic routines, and dances, often as parodies of current affairs and people.
revulsion violent dislike and disgust; abhorrence; loathing. [2 definitions]
reward a sum of money or something else of value that is promised to someone for the capture of criminals, return of stolen property, or other service. [4 definitions]
rewardable combined form of reward.
rewarding affording a sense of satisfaction; gratifying.
rewarm combined form of warm.
rewash combined form of wash.
reweave combined form of weave.
reweigh combined form of weigh.
rewet combined form of wet.
rewind to wind again, or to wind back (a cassette tape or the like) to the original position or to a preceding position.