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rock star a performer of rock-'n'-roll music who has gained great popularity and fame; rock-'n'-roll star.
rock the boat (slang) to disrupt a balance or routine.
rockweed any of numerous related, coarse, brownish seaweeds that grow on rocks exposed at low tide.
rock wool see mineral wool.
rocky1 having or full of rocks. [3 definitions]
rocky2 likely or tending to rock; shaky; unsteady. [3 definitions]
Rocky Mountain goat a goatlike antelope, found esp. in the mountains of northwestern North America, that has short, black, backward-curving horns and a shaggy white coat.
Rocky Mountains the principal North American mountain chain, stretching from Alaska to northern New Mexico; Rockies.
Rocky Mountain sheep see bighorn.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever a disease caused by a microorganism carried to humans by certain North American ticks that is characterized by high fever, rash, and pain in the muscles and joints.
rococo a style of architecture and decoration originating in France in the eighteenth century and marked by the use of elaborate ornamentation and curved or asymmetric forms. [4 definitions]
rod a straight, thin, usu. round and inflexible stick, shaft, or bar. [7 definitions]
rode past tense of ride.
rodent any of various related four-footed mammals, such as mice, rabbits, and woodchucks, characterized by large, sharp front teeth used for gnawing and nibbling. [3 definitions]
rodeo an exhibition or competition of cowboy skills such as riding untamed horses or roping cattle.
rodless combined form of rod.
rodman the surveyor's assistant who holds the leveling rod.
rodomontade puffed-up boasting or bravado.
roe1 fish eggs, esp. as a mass in the female ovary. [2 definitions]
roe2 a small, fleet deer of Europe and Asia, the male of which has three-pointed antlers; roe deer.
roebuck the male of the roe deer.