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Saigon see Ho Chi Minh City.
sail a large piece of fabric or the like that may be mounted on a vessel and extended to catch the force of the wind for propulsion. [11 definitions]
sailable combined form of sail.
sailboard a long board similar to a surfboard but having a sail, used for windsurfing.
sailboat a boat driven mainly by sails.
sailcloth a heavy fabric, such as cotton canvas, used for sails, tents, and the like. [2 definitions]
sailer a ship using a sail or sails, esp. with reference to how it sails.
sailfish any of a group of large marine fishes that have a large sail-like dorsal fin and a swordlike projection of the upper jaw.
sailing the craft of operating and navigating a vessel; navigation. [6 definitions]
sail into (informal) to take up enthusiastically. [2 definitions]
sailmaker one who makes or repairs sails, esp. one who designs and tests them, as for racing.
sailor an enlisted man in the navy, whose duty is aboard a ship. [3 definitions]
sailplane a glider light enough to be lifted by air currents. [2 definitions]
sainfoin a Eurasian perennial plant of the pea family that bears compound pink or white flowers and is often used for fodder.
saint one who has been formally recognized and entitled by the Roman Catholic Church as having lived a holy life; one who has been canonized. (abbr.: St. or Ste.) [3 definitions]
Saint Agnes's Eve the night of January 20, on which, according to an old superstition, a woman might have a vision of her future husband.
Saint Andrew's cross a cross in the form of an X; saltire.
Saint Anthony's cross a cross in the form of a T; tau cross.
Saint Anthony's fire any of several inflammatory or gangrenous skin conditions, such as ergotism.
Saint Augustine a father and philosopher of the early Christian church (b.354--d.430 A.D.).
Saint Bernard a very large strong Swiss breed of dog with a massive head, a short muzzle, and a silky brown and white coat.