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sandarac an African tree yielding a dark, durable wood used in building. [2 definitions]
sandbag a sack full of sand, used to build a fortification or to serve as ballast. [5 definitions]
sandbank a large deposit of sand, as in a river or on the side of a hill.
sandbar a ridge of sand deposited in a river or near a seashore by the action of currents or tides; shoal.
sandblast a burst of sand propelled by pressurized air or steam, used to clean or abrade glass, metal, or stone surfaces. [3 definitions]
sand-blind somewhat blind; having weak eyesight. (See gravel-blind, stone-blind.)
sandbox a low frame or shallow pit full of sand for children to play in.
sandbox tree a tropical American tree with a spiny trunk and woody seed capsules that burst noisily when ripe.
sandbur any of several grasses with their grains enclosed in spiny burs.
sand-cast to produce (a casting) by pouring molten metal into a mold made of sand.
sandcastle a toy castle made on a beach by molding wet sand.
sand dab any of various small, edible marine flatfish such as the North American flounder.
sand dollar any of various flat, circular sea urchins that live on sandy ocean beds near the shore.
sander one that sands or sandpapers, esp. a machine for this purpose.
sanderling a small gray and white shore bird that lives on sandy beaches.
sand flea any of various small crustaceans that live on beaches and jump about like fleas. [2 definitions]
sand fly any of various small, tropical, bloodsucking flies, some of which transmit diseases to humans.
sand grouse any of various birds related to pigeons that are found in arid and semi-arid regions of Asia, Africa, and southern Europe.
sandhill crane a large, bluish gray crane of North America.
sandhog one who does excavation work in sandy, wet conditions, esp. a laborer working on the construction of an underwater tunnel.
sand hopper any of various small jumping crustaceans found on beaches; beach flea.