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scalene triangle a triangle that has three sides with different lengths.
scaling ladder a long ladder used to reach to or over the tops of high walls, as by troops besieging a fortress.
scallion an onion with a small bulb; green onion. [2 definitions]
scallop any of various sea mollusks that have rounded, ribbed, bivalve shells and are able to swim rapidly. [6 definitions]
scallywag variant of scalawag.
scalp the skin that covers the part of the human head that is usu. protected by hair. [5 definitions]
scalpel a small, light knife with a thin sharp blade, used. esp. in surgical operations.
scaly covered with scales. [2 definitions]
scaly anteater see pangolin.
scam a dishonest, often elaborate, business scheme that uses deception to obtain money, often employing the telephone or Internet to reach a large number of people. [2 definitions]
scamp a mischievous person, esp. a child; rascal. [2 definitions]
scamper to run quickly or playfully. [2 definitions]
scampi a dish of shrimp or prawns fried or broiled in oil or butter and garlic. [2 definitions]
scan to read or look over quickly; skim. [10 definitions]
scandal an action, situation, or behavior that seriously offends societal standards of propriety or morality. [4 definitions]
scandalize to shock by offending one's sense of proper or moral conduct.
scandalmonger one who spreads malicious gossip.
scandalous causing, or likely to cause, a scandal; shocking; disgraceful. [2 definitions]
scandal sheet a newspaper or other publication that specializes in gossip and sensational stories, esp. concerning celebrities.
Scandinavia the northernmost region of Europe, comprising Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.
Scandinavian of or pertaining to Scandinavia or its peoples, cultures, languages, or the like. [3 definitions]