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scalpel a small, light knife with a thin sharp blade, used. esp. in surgical operations.
scaly covered with scales. [2 definitions]
scaly anteater see pangolin.
scam a dishonest, often elaborate, business scheme that uses deception to obtain money, often employing the telephone or Internet to reach a large number of people. [2 definitions]
scamp a mischievous person, esp. a child; rascal. [2 definitions]
scamper to run quickly or playfully. [2 definitions]
scampi a dish of shrimp or prawns fried or broiled in oil or butter and garlic. [2 definitions]
scan to read or look over quickly; skim. [10 definitions]
scandal an action, situation, or behavior that seriously offends societal standards of propriety or morality. [4 definitions]
scandalize to shock by offending one's sense of proper or moral conduct.
scandalmonger one who spreads malicious gossip.
scandalous causing, or likely to cause, a scandal; shocking; disgraceful. [2 definitions]
Scandinavia the northernmost region of Europe, comprising Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.
Scandinavian of or pertaining to Scandinavia or its peoples, cultures, languages, or the like. [3 definitions]
scandium a metallic chemical element that has twenty-one protons in each nucleus and that forms a trivalent ion present in trace quantities in many minerals. (symbol: Sc)
scanner1 a person or thing that scans. [2 definitions]
scanner2 a device that scans printed material and changes it into an electronic signal that can be read by a computer.
scansion the analysis of the metrical structure and patterns of verse, or the way in which a particular verse scans.
scant barely enough in quantity or amount; very little. [6 definitions]
scantling a small piece of wood or lumber, esp. an upright piece in the frame of a house. [2 definitions]
scanty barely adequate; meager. [2 definitions]