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seafloor see seabed.
seafloor spreading the creation of new oceanic crust formed by an upward flow and outward spread of magma along mid-ocean ridges.
seafood any sea animal that is served as food or is suitable for eating.
sea front a part of a town or city on the edge of the sea, esp. a resort; waterfront.
seagirt surrounded by the sea.
seagoing intended or suitable for travel on the sea. [2 definitions]
sea green a pale bluish or yellowish green color.
sea gull a gull, esp. one that lives on or near the sea.
sea horse a small semitropical marine fish that swims in an upright position, with its head, resembling that of a horse, at right angles to its body.
sea-island cotton a type of long-fibered cotton grown in tropical America.
sea king any of the Viking pirate chiefs of medieval times.
seal1 a design, emblem, or embossed or impressed figure used to make a document authentic or official. [10 definitions]
seal2 any of a number of flesh-eating mammals that live in and around the ocean and have flippers instead of legs. [4 definitions]
Sealab one of a number of exploratory underwater laboratories, developed by the U.S. Navy, where research in oceanography and marine biology is conducted.
sea lamprey a parasitic marine lamprey that spawns in fresh water, and that now occurs landlocked in the Great Lakes.
sea lane a sea route that is in frequent use by vessels.
sealant any substance, such as silicone, plastic, or wax, that is used for sealing.
seal brown a dark rich brown color.
sealed orders written orders given, as to the captain of a ship, in a sealed envelope to be opened later at a specified time or place.
sea legs the ability to walk on board a ship, even in rough seas, without losing one's balance.
sealer1 a substance such as varnish that is used to seal a porous surface. [2 definitions]