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seigniory the estate or manor of a seignior. [2 definitions]
seignorial of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a seignior.
Seine a river in northern France that flows through Paris and into the English Channel.
seine a net used for fishing that is suspended vertically in the water with weights at the bottom and floats at the top. [4 definitions]
seismic of, concerning, or resulting from an earthquake.
seismo- earthquake.
seismogram the chart made by a seismograph, esp. of an earthquake's tremor.
seismograph an apparatus for identifying earthquakes and measuring their strength and other characteristics.
seismology the scientific study of the causes, effects, and characteristics of earthquakes.
sei whale a whalebone whale that has a bluish or gray back and appears in most of the world's seas.
seize to take hold of forcibly and quickly. [7 definitions]
seizure a sudden and violent disruption of usual brain activity, such as that which occurs in epilepsy, which affects the nervous system temporarily and renders the body out of control. [3 definitions]
selachian any of the group of fishes that includes sharks, skates, and rays.
selah a Hebrew word of unknown meaning that often occurs at the end of verses in the Psalms and is thought to be a musical or liturgical direction.
seldom rarely; infrequently; occasionally.
select to choose as a preference from among alternatives; pick. [4 definitions]
selectable combined form of select.
select committee a group, formed on a temporary basis and assembled from members of a goverment, whose purpose is to investigate a particular issue.
selectee someone who is chosen, esp. one drafted by the military.
selection an act, instance, or process of selecting, or the condition of being selected. [4 definitions]
selective characterized by careful choice; tending to exercise discrimination. [2 definitions]