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servomechanism an automatic regulator, such as a thermostat, that controls a mechanical device.
servomotor the motor that powers a servomechanism.
sesame a tropical herb bearing small, flat, oval seeds that yield oil and are used in food. [2 definitions]
Sesheshet the mother of King Teti, the Egyptian ruler who was the first pharaoh of Egypt's Sixth Dynasty in the third millenium B.C.E.
sesqui- one and one half.
sesquicentennial of or pertaining to a time span of 150 years. [2 definitions]
sesquipedalian inclined to use long words. [3 definitions]
sessile of a leaf or the like, attached at the base directly to the stem of the plant. [2 definitions]
session a legislative or judicial meeting or meetings. [5 definitions]
sestet the group of six lines that forms the second stanza of an Italian sonnet. (Cf. octave.)
sestina a poem, consisting of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy, that repeats the end words of the first stanza in varying combinations throughout.
set to put in a particular position or location. [25 definitions]
seta in biology, a stiff hair, bristle, or bristlelike part.
set about to start (a task or undertaking).
setaceous having or made of bristles; bristly. [2 definitions]
set at naught to disregard or treat as worthless or insignificant.
setback something that slows, stops, or reverses progress. [2 definitions]
set eyes on to get a view of; see.
set fire to to cause to start burning; ignite.
set in to begin to be established or take effect.
setoff in architecture, a projecting ledge or shelf. [2 definitions]