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small-scale constructed with fewer details as a smaller version of an original or of a proposed model. [2 definitions]
small talk informal or unimportant conversation; chitchat.
small-time of little significance or influence.
small-town of or characteristic of a small town. [2 definitions]
smarmy overly or sickeningly flattering or servile.
smart quick-witted; intelligent. [10 definitions]
smart aleck an annoyingly conceited, overbearing, or self-confident person.
smarten to make neater, more attractive, or more intelligent (usu. fol. by up). [3 definitions]
smart set sophisticated, fashionable people, considered as a group.
smartweed any of various small, flowering marsh plants that produce an acrid juice that irritates the skin.
smarty see smart aleck.
smash to break (something) into small pieces by hitting, throwing, or dropping, often noisily. [13 definitions]
smashed (slang) drunk.
smashing (informal) outstanding or impressive. [2 definitions]
smash-up a damaging collision, esp. between automobiles; wreck.
smattering a small or inadequate amount, esp. of knowledge of a subject.
smear to spread or apply (a sticky, oily, or greasy substance) on or over a surface. [9 definitions]
smearcase a soft spreadable cheese, such as cottage cheese or cream cheese.
smeary having smears; smeared. [2 definitions]
smell to perceive the odor of by means of the nose. [12 definitions]
smell a rat to suspect that something is wrong.